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Construction Yarn Count
Fibre Content Colorfastness to rubbing
Weight / sq meter Colorfastness to water
Tensile strength Colorfastness to perspiration
Seam strength / slippage Colorfastness to light
Pilling resistance Colorfastness to Dry cleaning
Abrasion Colorfastness to wet scrubbing
Dimensional Stability to washing deg C
Machine Hand Wash
Line Flat
Tumble Dry
Single Washes Washes
Color Fastners to washing
40 deg C 60 deg C deg C
Eco tests : -
Presence of 20 Banned Amines Presence of Pentachlorophenol
Presence of Formaldehyde pH value
Presence of Residual Heavy Metals Presence of Residual Pesticides
Presence of TBT/DBT  
Other tests -  
Buyer/Country -  
Tests Standards to be followed
Any Information Stated above is accurate and we hereby undertake to pay M/s Texanlab for all the tests required against this requisition along with any charges for reports to be sent by :
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